Attain Financial Independence Through Building a Brand

It’s pretty easy to find all sorts of resources online that tell you it’s smart to build a brand and tell you the “essentials” for brand building. Unfortunately, very few of those resources actually walk you through the “how to” part of the process.

Here’s a great article that gives you 4 essential steps for creating a winning brand:
1. Establish a solid brand identity
2. Go on networks that fit your online brand (i.e. social media)
3. Know your target market and how to communicate with them
4. Create engaging, consistent content

These are absolutely all essential for brand building, but the article stops there and that’s the problem for most people attempting this on their own.

Unless you’ve got this type of experience already, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin and will undoubtedly lead to many trials and errors before success.

That’s why D4D is launching Brandability training. We have so many customers come to us for one-on-one coaching after trying unsuccessfully to build a brand themselves.

We see the need in the e-comm community for this type of resource/training. We’re also doing it differently than we’ve ever seen before by including live weekly Q&A sessions where you personal advice and coaching from the D4D team.

Brianna, Aaron, and Duncan have sold millions online and been in e-commerce for over 20 years. My branding experience comes from my 16 years in the private business sector where I helped companies brand themselves in their industries and in some cases rebrand as new companies or brand new divisions of their existing companies. These companies ranged in size from $2-3M divisions of companies up to companies doing $100M in annual business each year. Some of these companies were small local companies and others were nationwide companies spread across all 50 states, but the processes are the same regardless of your business size.

Our owners Brianna, Aaron and Duncan have been able to build their own brands (much through trial and error), but they’ve each found success in creating financial independence for themselves and their families as well as a flexible lifestyle through e-commerce.

And our collective goal for 2019 is to help others work toward achieving this same financial independence for themselves!

We hope to see you in Brandability starting on January 7, 2019!…/brandability-early-bird/