Beginner’s Graphic Design – Using Free Fotor or Canva Software & D4D Image Packs to Design T Shirts

In this beginner’s graphic design video we show entrepreneurs in the print on demand space beginner design tools, beginner design strategies, free design tools and easy design tips for non-designers to create winning designs to use on not only t shirts but other print on demand products. 

Watch as we use image packs from Design4Dollars along with the free Fotor &/or Canva tools (any free or paid design tool will work!) to edit, manipulate, rework and scale out potentially thousands of different designs with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

The perfect basic, no-frills tutorial for print on demand design space beginners & non-designers! 🎨 Easy-peasy strategies using free design tools & clipart/image pack design hacking for editing, reworking & scaling your shirt designs & graphic design assets!

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