How to Start an Etsy Shop: Selling on Etsy with No Physical Inventory

If you’re wondering how to start an Etsy shop or want to learn how to start an Etsy business, this is the fastest way to accomplish selling on Etsy with no physical inventory! Training: Take an over the shoulder peek at how to sell on Etsy with a production partner like Gooten so you […]

Beginner’s Graphic Design – Using Free Fotor or Canva Software & D4D Image Packs to Design T Shirts

In this beginner’s graphic design video we show entrepreneurs in the print on demand space beginner design tools, beginner design strategies, free design tools and easy design tips for non-designers to create winning designs to use on not only t shirts but other print on demand products.  Watch as we use image packs from Design4Dollars […]

How To Start a TShirt Business Using P.O.D. – But What is Print on Demand?

How to Start a TShirt Business with Print on Demand

Have you been following along with me or other online entrepreneurs who are leveraging print on demand and you’re wondering what that’s all about? Watch this short clip explaining how we’re making $$$$. Have you been considering delving into the world of print on demand – but have questions like – What is print on […]

How to Bulk Upload to PODs – Automate Print on Demand with Orbit Kit

The most powerful tool 🛠 out there right now for automating the upload of your Merch by Amazon 👕 DESIGNS to thousands and thousands of products across the eight most popular P.O.D.s is Orbit Kit. —– The speed & efficiency at which you can SCALE YOUR POD GAME is literally mind blowing. They’ve also […]

The Ultimate Print on Demand Directory from D4D

The Ultimate Print on Demand Company Directory

The D4d family has been hard at work, building a dynamic, visual database 📋 for the POD community – so you can easily compare & contrast the various POD companies you could potentially partner with to sell your designs on unique products or to build your personal brand . It is updated daily and […]

Ecom 2019 – L.A. Ecommerce Conference & Training Event March 8-10, 2019

I’m HONORED to announce that I’ll be speaking at Seth Kniep’s annual event, Ecom 2019 being held in Los Angeles this year on March 8-10th!!! And let me tell you. This is not your typical ecommerce conference.Imagine sitting in a room with Amazon Brand Registry, eCom industry coaches, experts in Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest, […]

Liquidation Clothing for Ebay – Sourcing Locally at Label Shopper

Hey guys it’s Bri! As you know, Print on Demand is a main source of income for me … but so are several other areas of Ecommerce! In particular, selling products on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy – items that I find locally sourcing by retail arbitrage through knowledge of retailers, sales cycles, liquidation etc. So, […]

Attain Financial Independence Through Building a Brand

It’s pretty easy to find all sorts of resources online that tell you it’s smart to build a brand and tell you the “essentials” for brand building. Unfortunately, very few of those resources actually walk you through the “how to” part of the process. Here’s a great article that gives you 4 essential steps for […]

1-on-1, 60-Minute Strategy Sessions – Print on Demand Coaching, Ecommerce Consulting

1-on-1, 60-Minute Strategy Sessions with me!! While I’ve offered these for the past 18-months, I’ve currently got a few openings in my schedule for 2019 prep! Want to learn more about my areas of proficiency & success? Hit my webpage here. Strategy sessions are game planning periods, video conference style directed by you. We game […]