How to Bulk Upload to PODs – Automate Print on Demand with Orbit Kit

The most powerful tool 🛠 out there right now for automating the upload of your Merch by Amazon 👕 DESIGNS to thousands and thousands of products across the eight most popular P.O.D.s is Orbit Kit. —– The speed & efficiency at which you can SCALE YOUR POD GAME is literally mind blowing. They’ve also […]

The Ultimate Print on Demand Directory from D4D

The Ultimate Print on Demand Company Directory

The D4d family has been hard at work, building a dynamic, visual database 📋 for the POD community – so you can easily compare & contrast the various POD companies you could potentially partner with to sell your designs on unique products or to build your personal brand . It is updated daily and […]

Ecom 2019 – L.A. Ecommerce Conference & Training Event March 8-10, 2019

I’m HONORED to announce that I’ll be speaking at Seth Kniep’s annual event, Ecom 2019 being held in Los Angeles this year on March 8-10th!!! And let me tell you. This is not your typical ecommerce conference.Imagine sitting in a room with Amazon Brand Registry, eCom industry coaches, experts in Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest, […]

Liquidation Clothing for Ebay – Sourcing Locally at Label Shopper

Hey guys it’s Bri! As you know, Print on Demand is a main source of income for me … but so are several other areas of Ecommerce! In particular, selling products on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy – items that I find locally sourcing by retail arbitrage through knowledge of retailers, sales cycles, liquidation etc. So, […]

Attain Financial Independence Through Building a Brand

It’s pretty easy to find all sorts of resources online that tell you it’s smart to build a brand and tell you the “essentials” for brand building. Unfortunately, very few of those resources actually walk you through the “how to” part of the process. Here’s a great article that gives you 4 essential steps for […]

1-on-1, 60-Minute Strategy Sessions – Print on Demand Coaching, Ecommerce Consulting

1-on-1, 60-Minute Strategy Sessions with me!! While I’ve offered these for the past 18-months, I’ve currently got a few openings in my schedule for 2019 prep! Want to learn more about my areas of proficiency & success? Hit my webpage here. Strategy sessions are game planning periods, video conference style directed by you. We game […]

Brandability – It’s Time to Build Your Brand

🔥 LAUNCHING JANUARY 7th – We’ll hold your hand while you build your brand on SHOPIFY! ⚡Brandability – EARLY BIRD registration is OPEN NOW & the cost will never be this low again. It’s time to PIVOT, SCALE & CRUSH it!! 💫 2019 is the year to BUILD your brand on Shopify & we’ll take […]

Conducting Research for Building a Brand

  Successful brands are born from extensive niche research. A great website for Print on Demand product brainstorming for both P.O.D. and importing (private labeling) is the website “I Waste So Much Money“. 😜 And fun way to efficiently explore possible, available domains for your brand is the FREE tool Impossibility! And for those of you […]