Brandability – It’s Time to Build Your Brand

🔥 LAUNCHING JANUARY 7th – We’ll hold your hand while you build your brand on SHOPIFY! ⚡Brandability – EARLY BIRD registration is OPEN NOW & the cost will never be this low again. It’s time to PIVOT, SCALE & CRUSH it!!


2019 is the year to BUILD your brand on Shopify & we’ll take your through a 12-week program that covers EVERY STEP. You’ll get a behind the scenes SNEAK PEEK at several Shopify stores & brands we own, in various stages of growth AND you’ll directly benefit from the extensive EXPERIENCE of Duncan, Aaron & I – we’ve been there and done that on Ecom and will show you the exact steps to take (and what to avoid) to build this baby and profit!

We’ll cover…

1. Niche selection & research

2. Product selection; POD partner, affiliate offers and/or physical products

3. Shopify from A- Z – We will be teaching you how to build your brand with Shopify. Every good Brand needs a platform, and Shopify is the best way to get access to everything you need.

4. Free & Paid Traffic – Just having a brand isn’t enough. We’ll hold your hand while you learn how to advertise your brand.

5. Building a Community, Generating Content – where should your brand be visible? Where or how will you reach your audience most effectively?

6. Weekly Accountability – The biggest issue we see over and over is people getting lost to shiny objects and rabbit holes… We will meet every week to go over your assignments and make sure you stay on track.

7. Weekly Webinars, Progress Check-Ins

8. Program Exit Strategies & Support – at the end of the program we won’t just “release you into the wild alone”. 🙂 You’ll leave with a game plan for continuing to “rinse & repeat” what you’ve learned – all of which you’ll be able to apply to the establishment and growth of brands 2, 3 and 19 down the road!

Join us NOW !!

👉 and we’ll get you added to the group where you can start pre-gaming, researching & getting a head start before launch!