Conducting Research for Building a Brand


Successful brands are born from extensive niche research. A great website for Print on Demand product brainstorming for both P.O.D. and importing (private labeling) is the website “I Waste So Much Money“. 😜

And fun way to efficiently explore possible, available domains for your brand is the FREE tool Impossibility!

And for those of you that are ready to go full steam ahead with brand building … The easiest way to scale beyond Merch by Amazon is through Etsy. Get up & running in just a few shorts hours – from nothing to a functioning store with designs and a POD production partner with our Easy Etsy course.  Click here to learn more.

Have you conquered Etsy and you’re now ready to run with the big boys and build your own brand? No worries if you have little capital to invest in inventory or little to no experience in eCommerce. We’ve got your back here at D4d with decades of experience in brand building, marketing, product development and eCom.

In Brandability, over 12 weeks, we’ll hold your hand while you build your brand!!  Click here to learn more.