Here’s a preview into the total site overhaul.

The new site overhaul goes live on November 1st! We have been listening to your feedback over the past few months and are completely revamping the site. Our goal is to make it easier for you to use and to add some highly requested features. The team at Design4Dollars is so grateful for each and every one of you and appreciate your part in the community!

Without further ado, here are the biggest changes you can expect to see.

– A Whole New Site
With everything we have to offer, the existing site can feel overwhelming to new members. So we are spinning our ‘Designs 4 Sale’ and ‘Image Packs’ into its own website! Design4Dollars will continue to house the training and courses you know and love. This will help both sites be easier to navigate.

– New Look
The new site will feature a slick new look that’s not only more modern but easier to use.

– Buy Single Designs
By popular demand, you will now be able to buy single designs! 

– Better Previews
Since designs are sold seperatly you will now see a preview of each design. The preview will also be larger/clearer. Hovering over the design will show a Tshirt mock now too! We have improved our watermark as well to prevent theft.

– Constantly Reducing Prices
Prices per design will now start out higher and reduce their price every day. This means there will always be a constant supply of great deals!

– Free Image Resources
The reuseable image packs will be broken out for individual sale. We will be making a significant amount of them available for free! A low monthly subscription will get you access to all of the resources that otherwise would have cost thousands if bought individually.

– $100s of dollars in giveaways!
We will be hosting contests and giveaways for $100s of dollars in designs. Keep an eye out shortly after the launch! For now, get 20% off any design November 1st – 3rd. Use code launch-party