Liquidation Clothing for Ebay – Sourcing Locally at Label Shopper

Hey guys it’s Bri!

As you know, Print on Demand is a main source of income for me … but so are several other areas of Ecommerce! In particular, selling products on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy – items that I find locally sourcing by retail arbitrage through knowledge of retailers, sales cycles, liquidation etc.

So, I was out all day yesterday sourcing for Amazon FBA, Ebay & Etsy 👠🎩🎒👚 so today I’ll be processing those items, spending time with the family, providing Brandability members feedback AND planning out an exciting week of announcements, opportunities and… shenanigans!!

SOURCING TIP. If you have a local store I suggest you check it out. Primarily midwest and northeast US locations. They put one here in little old Fredonia/Dunkirk NY and it’s a gold mine for NEW designer items at ridiculously low prices.

Typically no tags – sometimes minor damage. You gotta pick through stuff like you would at a thrift store. However – you score things like ROCK REVIVAL jeans and shorts for a few bucks. My latest score? Rock Revival men’s shorts, brand new, missing the button at the waist, in a size 36 for $2. And women’s LEVI’S jeans (original tag, not defective) for $2. That’s less than our local thrift store!

*** HUSTLER’S TIP: check often, they put new stuff out on the floor daily and sometimes it goes from the truck directly into the sale/clearance (consider this like picking through store returns, out of season, defects in pallet after pallet of cast-offs from The Buckle, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Macy’s, etc. without getting stuck with the crap.)

See if you have a local store here and get out to take advantage of that warehouse sale before it ends: