Amazon FBA Start-Up

“Easy Amazon – How to Create an FBA Product Listing”
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If you’re ready to scale your POD business, there is no better place to capitalize on organic traffic than Amazon!

And the ultimate goal when scaling a P.O.D. business is to:

Identify winning products

Manufacturer & import them OR order wholesale pre-made runs of your products

Establish a Brand

Increase profit margins

Utilize a fulfillment center keep things hands-free AND to enable you to keep up with volume!


One of the most powerful programs enabling you to implement this approach is Amazon F.B.A. 

Follow along with “Easy Amazon” as we take you through the ENTIRE Amazon FBA product listing & shipping process!

Start with a product in hand

Upload pictures

Create a listing

Create a shipment

Send the product to the Amazon warehouse

Plus have a basic understanding of how the overall Amazon FBA process works!

Nothing held back.  You see the store.   You see our products.  You see EVERYTHING!

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