Niche Deep Dive

Training will be LIVE on Wed the 24th at 8pm EST (5pm PST)


Niche Deep Dive Research
How To Find and Create Designs That Will Resonate With A Niche

Training Includes
How to find Niches and go deep into sub niches.   

Sub Niche Strategy– How to find sub niches and research them so you are creating products they HAVE to have. 

  • Break Into Bigger Niches – When you know how to research a big niche correctly, you can enter without getting lost in the shuffle. 
  • Nothing Held Back –  you see everything from beginning to end.   We’ll take random niches from the audience and show you exactly how we research and dissect them to create winning products. 

Easy Etsy

Easy Etsy
“Etsy from A – Z”

Training Includes
This is how you get out of the crowded merch space and into a new market place where you have more CONTROL over your sales. 

  • New account setup in Etsy– Step by step training on setting up Etsy the RIGHT way.
  • Integrating Fulfillment Center – How we set Etsy up to sell without EVER touching product. 
  • No secrets… you see everything from beginning to end.  We will create 2 new items (not shirts) from designs that were used on T shirts.  

The Keyword MasterClass


This Live Training Occurred On:
 Sept 26th 2018

“Keywords So Good You’ll Punch Your Momma In The Face”


  • Replay of the LIVE Training– See how two 7 figure sellers research keywords, titles, and descriptions. 
  • They Brought Their Questions– Attendees left with answers. 
  • Included is a 2 hour video, all the training notes, links to our tools we use daily, examples of titles and key product descriptions, 45 minute Q&A & MORE!

THe Fundamentals


  • POD Cornerstone – This is the most important video of the whole series… It’s how we are different from everyone else.
  • Trademark Research – This is how we do it faster than most. 
  • Finding Keywords and Niches – Step by step, Over the shoulder training. 
  • Phrase ResearchMore Step by step, Over the shoulder  training. 
  • Staying Organized – This is how we stay organized.
  • Finding SEO Friendly Domains – Get an SEO boost by using this little known tool before you buy your domain. 

The Original 50x50x50


This training has become a staple to all who have taken it…   This is how you scale unique designs that resonate with buyers. 

  • 3 Packs of 50 Different Images – That’s 150  images that come royalty free, with full commercial rights… Use these images to scale out thousands of t shirt designs. 
  • Quick Strategy Video – We show you how to use these images to create thousands of images. No four hour courses here… this is really easy to learn and implement… you’ll love it. 
  • BONUS Cheat sheet of niches and names you can use to scale out every niche you’ve ever been in. 

The Offer You Can't Refuse

Help prevent lawsuits and accounts being banned by taking advantage of this HUGE IMAGE PACK and Keyword Training!

  • MASTER KEYWORD COURSE – 60 Minute video covering several platforms in detail 
  • Keyword and Description Template – Never have to think about what to say again.. just plug your keywords into one of these templates and you’re finished. 
  • Bullet Points Template – This template makes it easy to write bullets without sounding spammy. 

    Keyword Tools, Organization tools we use daily, real world examples you can use for reference

  • 50 Pack of Education Images – These images come royalty free, with full commercial rights… Use these images to scale out thousands of t shirt designs.
  • 50 Pack of Gym/Weightlifting Images -These images come royalty free, with full commercial rights.
  • 50 Pack of Jungle Animal Images -These images come royalty free, with full commercial rights. 

The PumPkin Spice 50x50

NOTE: You don’t need to own “The Original 50x50x50”


50x50x50 “Pumpkin Spice” Edition

This training adds scalable phrases, to the power of the 50×50 strategy saving you hours of research and adding infinite scalability. 


  • 50 Scalable Phrases – Once you see how we use our phrases with our images and niches, you’ll never run out of ideas for designs again…  
    The tutorial is only 13:48 and you’ll be off and running… you’ll love it. 
  • 50 Pack of Images – These images come royalty free, with full commercial rights… You can use these images to scale out thousands of t shirt designs. 
  • List of 50 Niches Just to make absolutely sure you don’t get stuck, we added a list of 50 niches that you can use to “blend” with the other images and phrases that come with it.
  • Bonus – Phrase Research video that reveals a research spot nobody else knows about